The Robotic Workforce consultancy team will work closely with your business to gain an understanding of how Intelligent Automation can deliver business benefits to your operation.

We offer a 4 stage on-boarding process (AIRS) which can be run either on site or remotely. The 4 stages are



Our experienced consultants will identify which processes within your organisation are best suited to Intelligent Automation (IA). We will work with you to assess which processes will deliver the most the most ROI when IA is adopted. Clear indicators of suitable areas are:

Repetitive manual processes

High transaction data entry

Rule-based procedures

Low exception rates


Our experienced and accredited team will work with you from start to finish to build and implement a project plan which will deliver the most effective results for your organisation.

All of the following areas will be covered throughout the implementation process:

Full Project Management

Access to Process Consultants

Support of Certified Developers

Testing and quality assurance guidance

Continual support throughout implementation


Once Intelligent Automation is operational within your organisation, there will be times when modifications need to be implemented or things may go wrong.  The Robotic Workforce will be at hand 24/7, often rectifying issues before you even realise that they have occurred.  We offer a pro-active support model to keep your business operating at its optimum, minimising risk and providing a healthy working environment. 


To ensure you achieve the most success out from your Intelligent Automation platform, as a customer of The Robotic Workforce, you will have on-going access to:

Health check reviews
Pro-active monitoring
Utilisation reporting
Realisation reporting
Exception routing
Change management packages


Of course at The Robotic Workforce we realise that sometimes things do go wrong. But we believe it is how you deal with it that makes a difference and that is why our Success team are here to help. 

We offer a pro-active support service to monitor your environment and The Robotic Workforce and will fix issues before you even realise anything has gone wrong. We can offer a 24/7 support model so even while you are sleeping your Robotic Workforce will be operational and working at full capacity. 

Our UK based Robotics Operation Centre is full of talented and accredited engineers who specialise in monitoring and maintaining The Robotic Workforce.

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